She Who Walks Below

The goddess mothers scare their children with is very real and crawls in the deep Underdark hoping to escape her captivity

Domains: Trickery, Knowledge

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Worshipers: Drow, Outcasts, Denizens of the Underdark

This goddess, at one point in some forgotten eon past, lived among the mortals of Exilus. It’s unknown who she was before, but slivers of history hint that she was an elven female who lusted for knowledge and to reach the heights of the gods. Somehow she ascended to godhood but her thirst for knowledge was not quenched. She asked Azuth to see what he sees, which is everything and all of time. Azuth obliged, and the elf’s mind snapped. She became mad and violent, and the other gods were forced to detain her and hurl into the deeps of the world, where she is forever forced to wander the dank caverns and twisting tunnels. Over the millenia she’s dug her way through the land below the world, leaving vast networks of tunnels in his wake that those who live above call “the Underdark”. Most miners and cave explorers don’t know the god’s history, but they leave offerings in the furthest and darkest reaches of the tunnels, to hopefully keep themselves safe from She Who Walks Below.

She is rumored to be the mother of all Drow.

She Who Walks Below

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